Many people don't know the differences between personal profile, persona, and public image. We hope these short descriptions will offer some clarity.

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The personal profile is the sum total of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, talents, heritage, and values that are characteristic of an individual. Your personality is the distinct identity that separates you and the environment you have created from others. Posting or sharing the wrong personal information exposes you to personal attacks,  character assassinations, slander, and libel. Some things just need to remain private. Examples of personal profiles are dating profiles, social media personal accounts, and internal corporate or business profiles.

Your personality must be protected.



The persona is the face you present to the world. Your persona should be carefully crafted in accordance with social mores and the standards for publicly acceptable norms of comportment, but it must remain genuine. Your persona must stay true to your individual values and the principles you uphold. How you are in the world is everybody's business. Examples of your persona are work resumes, LinkedIn, testimonials, accolades, recommendations, references, and awards.

The elements that coalesce into persona are ethnicity, cultural background, generation, education, profession, comportment, affiliations and allegiances, your moral platform, business ethics, social activities, fashion choices, publicity, and advocacy.

Your persona must represent.

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Your public image is the perception of your personality and your persona,  as they are seen together. Everything said, posted, shared, written about you, by you, or by others leaves an impression. What others see and say about you is beyond your control. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much can be done after the damage and the side effects linger. The only real protection is to be proactive. You can't change the conversation but you can control the narrative. Examples of a public image are articles written about you, press kits, public presentations, media postings, comments, interviews, and reviews about your activities, legacy, and life.

Your public image is a proclamation of your value to society.

This is why you should request a public image assessment before you go "out in public" and not after. Discrepancies, departures, disparities between Your profile, persona, and public image can deeply affect your reputation,  at even a single occurrence. 



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