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Status Seal offers reputation management, public perception evaluations, public image assault mitigations, public relations, marketing, production & influencer relations services to high-impact brands and individuals performing in the public eye.
Status Seal has a one-of-a-kind pulse on affluent audiences and highly publicized clientele. We have cultivated a powerhouse reputation as the go-to agency for professional athletes, influencers, public figures, and celebrities. Poise, crisis de-escalation, diplomacy, and resolution-centered approach are the pillars of our services.
Our methods are forward-thinking and effective. We move forward where others have yet to scratch the surface.
Our multi-dimensional campaigns and strategies are structured yet nimble, methodical yet evolutionary, and proven for success. We are the differentiators, the ones pioneering uniquely curated & original strategies designed to impact consciousness, raise awareness, and inspire trust and loyalty.
  • media monitoring + analysis

  • reputation management

  • crisis communications

  • crisis negotiations

  • crisis de-escalation

  • press conferences prep

  • story placement

  •  media relations + media strategy

  • message and storyline development

  • community relations representative

  • public affairs

  • celebrity co-branding

  • product launches

  • press conferences

  • press kits

  • press releases

  • media tours

  • media and blog database

  • management byline articles + op-eds ideation

  • brand strategy brainstorming

  • deception detection

  • media backlash mitigation


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