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"Too many people overvalue their failure and undervalue their success."

Mel S Brooks

If you stall on the path of your success, the chances are that either your personal life is affecting your professional life or, the opposite, your professional life is affecting your personal life.


In Phase One of our working process, we audit all areas of your life and determine what needs work. We will address any of the topics below that are pertinent to you.

  • Personal Constitution - The Core of Self

  • Your Innate and Inherited Values- Drive and Direction

  • Beliefs for Growth or of Limitation

  • The Government of Self–Expression and Manifestation

  • The Temperament - The Power House of Habit 

  • The Paradigm - Patterns of Thought

  • The Predicament - Patterns of Repetition

  • Public Image - Presentation, Projections, and Perceptions

  • Relationship to Self

  •  Life Partnerships. Marriage and Family. Work Relations. Business Relationships

  • Self Sabotage

  • Addictions and Triggers

  •  Hierarchy of Values: Prioritizing Your Objectives

  • Creating Safeguards Against “Default” Resets

  • Your Strategy 

  • Health and Healthy Habits.

Once we have clarity and strategy, it's time to get practical.

In Phase Two, we address,

  • Makeover

  • Existing Health Concerns; Dietary Habits and Exercise Routine; Energy Levels

  • Clarity of Mind: How to Maintain Focus

  • Delegation - Collaboration -Assistance

  • Willpower and Discipline

  • Accountability and Persistence

  • Leadership and Stewardship - How You Conduct Yourself

  • Handling Change and Handling Growth 

  • Identity, Authenticity, and Congruence 

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