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Most hotel and motel owners, property management, and their contracted custodial services follow the CDC general recommendations for decontamination from COVID19 but at left to their own faculties to figure out the logistics for their specific needs. In our experience, most owners and the janitorial services they contract do not know how to decontaminate counters, sinks, benchtops, textiles, and chairs. These are key areas where the Coronavirus can survive long after the rooms are evacuated and sealed. For example, the virus can be cleaned from a nonporous surface, like a floor tile, but wiping will not deactivate it. Pathogens will remain in the grout between the floor tiles, in carpets, curtains, and fabric covers on chairs if a proper decontamination procedure is not observed. It is a common mistake to overlook such surfaces, which can lead to a virus's resurgence.


Hotel and motel owners carry the responsibility to handle bio-hazard decontamination to prevent the spread of the virus and protect public health. This costly procedure demands large scale logistics, additional labor, and cleaning supplies.


Strategy and approach must be modified to the challenges presented at every location. Management must develop internal policies in abundant precaution for the health of hospitality crews and the occupants alike. In addition, CoVID19 cleaning and preventing a resurgence are two completely different protocols and procedures. 


Hotel and motel decontamination is especially demanding as many of them are occupied, and additional measures must be taken not to inconvenience the guests. Management must take into consideration that some employees might have a sensitivity to odors, the disinfectant chemicals, and cleaning schedule must be adjusted to reduce and prevent exposure. It is best if a premise is vacated before decontamination, but that is not a luxury everyone can afford. 

While the demand for frequent cleaning increases, the prices of disinfectants went up, and the access to cleaning supplies decreases. 

This webinar will suggest effective and affordable methods for cleaning and decontamination from COVID 19, supported by scientific research that everyone can do in case if they are low or run out of supplies. 

We will address these two issues

  • How to properly clean and decontaminate every surface in your property

  • How to clean, decontaminate your property from COVID19 on a budget

Presented by  

Mel Brooks, President

Status Seal. Image, Crisis, and Reputation Management Agency


DURATION -  90 Minutes + 30 Minutes Q&A session

A link to attend the webinar will be sent to all attendees upon Purchase.

The virtual meeting room  10 minutes before the start time.

Please sign up and "take your seat" 10 minutes before the webinar begins.

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