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What You Can't See Can Hurt You

Ever wish you could expunge negative reviews from Facebook? Or to remove that "before" picture you forget you posted? Would you like the string of negative reviews  that an embittered customer posted to disappear? How would you like to never see  again that party animal picture that your buddy posted and now it is first in search in Google Images that recruiters and prospective employers can see?

People share, write reviews, like, dislike, comment, tweet, post, and re-post. You are one of them. The pitfall to all of that social media activity is that you are visible to people, but the people  on the other side of the screen are invisible to you. You share your identity with people you cannot identify, and  you have no control over what appears on the internet.


Remember that scary dream of being naked in high school and how vulnerable and exposed you felt? That is the equivalent  to the experience of finding out that your online reputation is tarnished. 

Many (other) companies would offer you online makeovers, or to bury negative search results under flattery. We prefer not to provide such service because although it is a temporary solution, it is not a resolution.  We  (can) do that but only to buy time to find and implement an absolute and final resolution. We prefer to uproot the malicious content than cover it because covers are easily blown away.

If you are concerned about negative comment or review for your business, we will investigate first and then engage. There are plenty of tools and methods we can deploy, but we always stay above the fray. White hat rules. 

The most common personal misconception is that people believe that just because they don't post photos or information about themselves, there are no photos of them or information about them on the internet. 

The most common mistakes businesses make is not checking their online brand's feed daily; to procrastinate, or not to engage publicly with negative posts in an ethical and cordial manner; to post a rebuttal to a libel or slander online for all to see, starting a dirty online dogfight with a client or customer. Every online transaction beings with a search and almost everyone reads multiple reviews before they purchase.

And finally, the most critical flaw of thinking is that, if there is nothing to be seen on the first page of search results on Google, then there is nothing to worry about. 

Our approach differs per case, the degree of the offense and the damage. A lot can be done to clear your name and online reputation, but there is a caution to this tale, it takes time and the longer you wait, the worse it will become.

Just as fighting a mythical monster, If you cut only one head off a bad reputation, a hundred more grow in its place.

Act now.


What You Are the Last to See Can Hurt You

We  prefer to  shape the public perception of an individual, business, and organization by influencing the social construct and setting the tone, the code of conduct, and the code of ethics before you go "out there."

You can tell people about yourself instead of waiting for them to define who you are. 

If you accept ownership, you will be in control.

How is this done? There are four phases of this process.

I. Cleansing.

  • All of your online activity is reviewed, post by post.

  • We will research and inspect social media profiles where others might have posted pictures, comments, and videos about you, and check the tags as well.  

  • Once the evaluation is completed, we create a strategy for immediate remediation.

II. Creating You,  2.0 

  • You will need new pictures of a thousand words we want to the audience to hear. 

  • Content, congruent to the images must be written and published online.

  • We establish Online Code of Conduct for all of your online activity.

  • We set the tone and a statue of limitations for your online engagements.

  • We create  30 posts - visuals, text, video, etc., to launch your new identity.

III. Long-term Strategy

  • What is on your "To do list?" What do you need to accomplish in the next six months, this year, the next three, or five years from now?

  • Your reputation is a living, breathing and growing entity, separate from you, just like a child to a parent and you need to monitor, guide and supervise its activity.

  • We prepare press releases, publicity campaigns, publicity kits, professional profiles, life events and celebration, accreditation and accolades media kids. You should have them ready at a moment notice. 

IV. Intermittent  Online Monitoring Practices

  • Establishing ethical norms for online behavior

  • Revising online policies. Rules constantly change on the internet.

  • Creating a mechanism and a model you can employ on short notice in case you notice risky, defamatory or fallacious activity on your channels.

  • Creating and investing in long-lasting, mutually beneficial 

  • relationships with your fans, associates, and positive content contributors.


Warren Buffet said, "It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to destroy it." and we concur. The only way to protect your reputation is to stay vigilant and to be proactive.

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