Mel S. Brooks is one of the most sought-after mentors in sports for her incredible insight into psychology, injury prevention, and recovery.


Mel is a gifted social perception specialist and a profiler with 35 years of experience as a consultant for the United Nations Security Council, "UNESCO." with a profound understanding of human nature in its multifaceted manifestation. In addition,Ms. Brooks holds degrees in Esoteric Philosophy and Psychology, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, and Autonomic Response Testing.


When her son was misdiagnosed with Autism, Ms. Brooks refused to accept the grim diagnosis of his future being one of limitations and codependence and committed herself for twenty-plus years to the study of the injured brain and its recovery, which lead not only to the complete recovery of her son but hundred others as well, dealing with brain injuries, mood, and mental disorders. She studied and worked closely with Dr. Dietrich Klinghard, M.D., Ph.D. at the Academy of Neurobiology, USA-Switzerland-Germany, and Dr. Bruce Shelton, M.D., Ph.D., Md (Hom), Medical Director, Heel Pharmaceuticals. Mel has presented on various topics at Medical conferences all over the world, including "Autism Spectrum Disorders -A Diagnosis, Not A  Life Sentence", "The Traumatic Brain Injury In Sports", "CTE, The Diagnosis That Should Not Be", "The Sports Brain Addiction To The Hype".


Recognized as a savant for her ability to receive and recall information, Ms. Brooks is often the go-to for many medical professionals and researchers working in the fields of Neurobiology, neuroplasticity, brain resilience, sports psychology, and body energy economics- the ability to use the kinetic energy at momentum versus physical force.

As a patriot, Ms. Brooks contributes her skills to politics and often works on political campaigns as an ideology and election prep consultant. Ms. Brooks works with athletes, performers, politicians, celebrities, and influencers on presenting and sustaining a positive public image thus increasing their sphere of influence and prestige.

Using her profiling skills Ms. Brooks estimates the outcomes of political elections, picks winning teams, predicts market fluctuations, industry trends, the fall and rise of global movements, and the outcome of significant events with deadly accuracy.

Ms. Brooks works with individuals performing in high visibility and under public scrutiny. Ms. Brooks and her team are always at the frontline of current events, and at the top of the hour assisting decision-makers. For that reason, Mel has earned her moniker, "the Fixer."

Crystal Salt



"No real gratitude comes from feeding you spoons of sugar. Real gratitude is only measured in grains of salt  we find hidden in the spoons of sugar."

Mel S. Brooks

"People are willing to pay a small fortune for the content of her head."

Robert Lewandowski, Bundesliga

"Mel provides clarity and leverage when it is needed the most."

Ronaldo, Maschester United

"When a complicated situation demands an objective review and decisive action, Mel's impressive analytical skills tip the scales to the desired outcome by providing much-needed leverage."


The Black Mamba 

"Ms. Brooks has helped many prevent a crisis, and avoid failure in making the right decisions at critical life juncture. Mel and her team are available at a moment's notice to resolve any situation and execute a rescue strategy when necessary."


Dr. John Demartini 

"She is a walking, talking encyclopedia. Ms. Brooks can put Google to shame. She is the future of artificial intelligence"

Dr. Dietrich Klingardt, M.D., Ph.D.

"Thanks, Queen, I am so thankful and appreciative for you being in my life... Always helping me be more clear and putting a smile on my face. You are All-in-One any athlete needs."

Demaryius Thomas, #88 

*Due to NDAs we can only disclose clients' identities post mortem unless we have their written permission 

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