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Mel Brooks, Founder, and President of Status Seal Ag. is a social perception specialist with 35 years of experience. As a consultant, Ms.Brooks has fulfilled assignments for the United Nations, UNESCO, and large international companies like Georgetti, Modena, Fuji, Saachi & Saachi, Wilkhan, and MIM. As a patriot, Ms. Brooks also contributes her skills to politics and often works on political campaigns as a public perception specialist.

Using her profiling skills Ms. Brooks estimates the outcomes presidential elections, picks winning teams, predicts market fluctuations, industry trends, the fall and rise of global movements, and the outcome of significant events with deadly accuracy.

Ms. Brooks works with clients all over the world, including government agencies, celebrities, movie stars, corporate executives, politicians, and individuals performing in high visibility. Ms. Brooks and her team are always at the frontline of current events,  and on the top of the hour assisting decision-makers, verifying information and gauging the public opinion and reception.

Status Seal Ag. has offices in Phoenix and Los Angeles, USA.

"You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it"


"Mel Brooks provides clarity and leverage when it is needed the most. Her client base spans the globe, from the farthest reaches of Europe to the Middle East to New York, Los Angeles, from DC to her current home base of Phoenix.

When a complicated situation demands an objective review, the impressive analytical skills of Ms. Brooks tip the scales to the desired outcome. 

Ms. Brooks has helped many prevent a crisis, and avoid failure in making the right decisions at critical life juncture. Mel and her team are available at a moment notice to resolve any situation and execute a rescue strategy when necessary. 


People are willing to pay a small fortune for the content of her head." 

Frank Lane

Senior Vice President & CMO at Chanel Intelligence/ Google

Author of "Killer Brands"

Frank Lane


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