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Mel S. Brooks is one of the most sought-after mentors in professional sports. Mel is a gifted social perception specialist and a profiler with 35 years of experience as a consultant for UNESCO with a profound understanding of human nature in its multifaceted manifestations. In addition, Ms. Brooks holds degrees in Esoteric Philosophy and Psychology, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, and Autonomic Response Testing.


When her son was diagnosed with regressive Autism, Ms. Brooks refused to accept the grim diagnosis for his future being one of limitations and codependence. She committed herself for twenty-plus years to studying the injured brain and its recovery, which led to the complete recovery of her son and hundreds of others dealing with brain injuries, mood, and mental disorders. Mel has presented on various topics at medical conferences worldwide. Recognized as a savant for her ability to compute information and her incredible scope of knowledge, Ms. Brooks is often the go-to for many medical professionals and researchers. 

Ms. Brooks is highly regarded for her uncannily accurate estimates of the outcomes of sports games, career longevity predictions, political elections, economic trends, market conditions, industry trends, the fall and rise of global movements, and culturally significant events. Mel has devised her own unique method of minimizing the cons and maximizing the pros of an individual's performance, giving her clients the advantage of tipping the odds toward the desired outcome.

Ms. Brooks is either ahead or on the frontline of current events and at the top of the hour assisting decision-makers. As a patriot, Ms. Brooks contributes her skills to politics and often works on political campaigns as an ideology and election prep consultant.



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