If you’ve Googled yourself you’re among the 87% of the population who wants to know what kind of online reputation you have. It is now worth to mention that over 50% of people don’t like what they find.

Your online reputation can impact every aspect of your life, both personal and professional. Employers, coworkers, romantic interests,  hiring managers, and prospective business partners will most likely search you online before making any decisions about you. 

Looking to land a great job?

Rest assured that your potential employer is scouting the internet for potential red flags and hints into your true nature. 75% of recruiters and HR professionals have rejected a candidate based on search engine results, and 93% of searchers never venture past the first page of Google.

Single and looking? 

Increasing amount of people conduct a research a potential suitor before the first date, not limited to social media footprint only but also invest in civil background investigation, and credit checks, and admit that whatever they found on the internet affected their decision to attend or cancel the first date. In a similar manner almost half of the people using online dating apps report  that the information they found online was the tipping point to say , " Yes" to the date..

Do you think it's time to take control of your online reputation? Check out our checklist for essential tips for online reputation management.

Do you think it's time to take control of your online reputation? Check out our checklist of essentials  for a healthy online persona


1. Google Your Name, Shot and Full Version, Including Nicknames and Former Names

2. Extend Your Search Beyond What You See on Page One of Google.


Find what’s out there and possible for people to see if they do really want to dig up information about you. IF this is someone you have never met, what kind of first impression do you want to create of yourself?

Now its time for a makeover.

Here are the Basics for proper online images an online behavior,

  1. Teeth. Unless you have all of them, smile like the Mona Lisa.

  2. Hair. Bad hair is a brand for hair products. Use it.

  3. Nail Art is not a necessity but manicure and pedicure are mandatory.

  4. Alcohol. Stop taking pictures when you pass the legal limit

  5. Alcohol and nudity do not mix

  6. Nudity and social events do not mix.

  7. Nudity, alcohol and social events do not mix.

  8. Children. Unless the pictures you post with or of children are your own, just don't post. As a general rule, don't take pictures of children unless they are your family members and you post the image with a clear description of your relationship to the children,  and tag their parents in the picture as well.  

  9. Vehicle. Remember TLC and the song, " No scrubs"? Unless you own it doesn't lean on it. 

  10. Do not misrepresent your personal worth or your wealth accumulation. In fact, they are nobody's business.

  11. Clothing. If we can see the elastic lines of your underwear or lack thereof, don't post that picture.

  12. Age. First impression. Do not use older than a year picture for your personal profile image. If you create an unrealistic expectation you are obliged to meet them or accept the consequences.

  13. Comments. Unless you have something to say, don't say anything about another person.

  14. Unless you know the person, don't say anything about the person. Even praise to a stranger holds various degrees of creepiness.

  15. Don't comment unless you are asked for a comment.

  16. Stick with moderate comments. and practice emotional constraints.

  17. Do not engage in hate distribution

  18. Do not argue online, unless you paid to do it.

  19. Your personal and professional profiles must be different but not strikingly different where you leave the impression of someone who suffers from Split Personality Disorder.

  20. Practice the 80/20. 80% of the time post positive messages, and 20% about things that need to change. Nobody is that cheerful and nobody likes a drag.

  21. Remember the Three "P"s. always remain poised, pleasant and purposeful.

Here is a good example of a good profile picture. Everything in moderation with hints of personal style and character traits.

Does your online persona needs a makeover?

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