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Why do you need an assessment of your online identity?

Online Identity assessment  can determine what is the the one thing you need to do to go from zero to hero. This is best illustrated by the following story.


Back in the 1950's, a guy approached a large toothpaste manufacturers and said that he had an innovation which would cost them almost nothing to implement but would yield an immediate 40% increase in business. He offered to them the exclusive rights to the idea for $100,000. That was a lot of money at the time given the high volume of toothpaste sales; it would be recouped rapidly.

However, the executives of the company did not want to spend the money, they thanked the guy and said they would get back to him. The company’s marketing and technical staff were instructed to come up with ideas for increasing business by 40% for little cost.


Two weeks later and no useful ideas had surfaced,  they called back the guy and accepted his proposal. After the money handed over, he gave them a brown envelope containing a small slip of paper. On this slip were the words: “Make the hole bigger. If you increase the diameter of the hole from 5 mm to 6 mm, the volume of paste squeezed out for a given length of squirt along the brush is increased by 40%. So, most users will consume the tube that much faster and need to buy more."

In 2013 a small German company launched the Trivago guy with his way past 5 o'clock stubble, and clothes he can roll into a tiny bag. The public buzz went through the roof about his unkempt appearance. Everybody had something to say about the guy and Trivago.  And the Trivago brand went from zero to hero, just like this.

Progressive Insurance went all Fifties on Flo's hair and makeup but slapped a bring red lipstick on her, instead of the oranges and nudes from the decade and thus gave her a larger than life extroverted personality overshadowing her uninspiring job title. Since then Flo's do, lipstick and white apron has sold you Progressive insurance appearing in over 100 commercials.

The public is in love with Flo.

Sprint suffered sluggish sales and was facing slow demise with a reputation for slow data speeds, dropped calls and spotty coverage. Its disastrous 2005 merger with Nextel and bet on Wi-Max 4G technology  (everybody else went with LTE)  left Sprint maintaining five under-performing networks.

The Fix? Hire the "Can you hear me now?" guy straight from Verizon. Problem solved. 

Hilary Clinton wore her signature pantsuit on the night she accepted the Democratic Presidential Nomination, but that night she wore white. The image of her dressed in virgin white, bathed by the stage lights in stark contrast against the blue (Democratic) background with the red, white, and blue balloons falling from above did more for her campaign ratings than all political rallies, debates, and public appearances before. That night she was seen as the American heroine and American public was elated.  

You can go the typical round of working harder than the next guy. You can offer better quality products, and sleep on the spreadsheets on your desk. You can keep making monthly sacrifices to the Marketing Gods and still not convert your followers into buyers. That is "working harder." Or you can forget to shave, slap some red lipstick, make a gecko talk and duck to do yoga, and you can wake up with a solid brand the morning after. That's working smarter.



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