We review all online images of you In Google searches, and all social media platforms, one by one. We will be considering multiple factors, on top of the obvious, how well you look. What impression does that image create? What is "the story of thousand words" told by this picture? What will people learn about you when they view your online life album?

Public persona building, branding, re-branding are all part of the process of image curation. If the way you represented by the online content associated with you does not capture your best side, our team of professionals will give you a makeover and yes,  light, camera, action,  and video, etc., are all part of it.


Content curation is the art of sensing what is essential and relevant to your audience,collecting information from verifiable sources to corroborate your

story, and spreading your message through your communication channels strategically. The information you wish to share must solve problems and must be easy to digest.

The role and responsibility of content curator are to find the right tone of voice, platform, communication style and vernacular that is appealing and familiar to your demographic. A content curator is like the wedding singer who has to sense the mood of the crowd  and adjust the heat to keep the party going. 


It is not enough to establish public relations by shaking hands and kissing babies. You must invest in building genuine relationships. How do you do that if you don't have the time?

Our public relations specialists will step up as the King's heralds. We remember birthdays, we engage on social media, we know what is going on in the lives of the people you associate with, we pay attention to life events, and keep track of interactions.We show up and step up on your behalf . We are your proxies. 


Additionally, we follow up what is being said about you when you are not in the room, and correct that message if necessary.


Your digital reputation is compiled from many sources and channels, where no one, in particular, is more important than another.  All social media platforms must be scrutinized, and a smart content, conveying and emphasizing the right message is created and distributed when needed.


We create content that presents you or your brand in a positive light and is congruent with your personal style.  We use advanced content automation technology to boost such pages . All accounts are reviewed and maintained biweekly and we will notify you immediately about all activities that need your attention.


Design, functionality, use of use, content, the tone of voice, SEO tune-up, product display and functionality of an online store (that's a big one), the transparency of your online practices, and the clarity of your online policies can increase or decrease your rankings.


How you interface with your community and what do you do with the information you collect from your visitors either add to your rankings or subtract from them.

We will review your website functionality and make suggestions of how to improve your users' experience.


At the time 81% of all business transactions are done online, therefore maintaining your online presence is imperative and imminent. SEO is a must, and you know it. Our SEO team knows how to get you the rankings you desire.


We like to give credit when credit is due. Visit this page to learn how Google’s Suggested and Related Search work. We can help to improve how and where you appear on searches.