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If you are in business or politics, celebrity or runner-up, if you made it or if you are working progress, 80% of your success today depends on what people see, think, hear, and say about you online. Your public image and reputation, your online behavior and practices are your most valuable assets and your Achilles heels.

It takes 13 milliseconds to form a first impression in person, and 2.8 seconds to get a thumb up or down click online. Being attractive is all about attitude, strong sense of identity and purpose, and being socially responsible. We align your online representation to the best version of You.

Public image assessment is by far the most accurate estimate of the public construct and of your online reputation score. Visit this page for a list of online tools to check your score.A proactive approach to managing online reputation by actively monitoring social media feeds, comments and online discussions is vitally important for the longevity and sustainability of your brand, business, or campaign. We create, establish and maintain your online status.

A brand is about identity, personality and action. First, "they" have to "like" you before they can trust you. A brand is all about congruence; about disclosure and visibility; and about solving problems and being of service. Brands are like teenagers. They have bright future but must be monitored constantly.

The best way to build credibility is to have others build it for you. We screen the company you keep and find your best associates and affiliates. Allegiances matter.

Not all content is created equal. There is no such thing as a harmless online content. We review your all of your social media channels and online activity, including posts, shares and comments by others that pertain to you, and create content to remedy existing problems and improve your social standing, casting the light on your best features.

We create socially responsible, smart and stunning social media that clearly separates you from everybody else, boosting your online identity. You can use our guidance as an example, and take it from there; we can match you with the right social media company; or our production team can create and execute your social media strategy. The choice is yours.



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