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" You cannot read the label
if you are inside the bottle."

Mel  S Brooks


We purvey to the exemplary individual whose achievements, affluence, and influence will affect the standards of society and the values we advance. The following describes you.

  • You are ambitious, audacious, accountable, authentic, and willing to learn.

  • You tried and tried your way again. You need a new perspective, navigation, and approach.

  • You have gotten "there" once but now want "bigger and better."

  • You are "almost there."

  • You did "this" alone but need a team to do more.

  • You can't overcome on your own what holds you back

  • You face the same problem over and over again.

  • You want a clean slate and a new opportunity.

  • You want to change direction but lack clarity.

  • You have the idea but lack the know-how.

  • You have arrived at the top, and now you need to maintain your position.​

Consider the following to determine if we are on the same page and a good fit.

Not in Kansas_edited.jpg

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Dorothy thinks of Kansas as a merry-go-round where she lives her life to the tedious rhythm of a cosmic calliope. Apart from the noise and the ups and downs, Dorothy feels she’s just going around in circles. She isn’t entirely happy in Kansas.


How do you feel about Kansas? Kansas is the place where you know your way around - where there are few hidden dangers and every day is the same. But is Kansas really so bad? Mundane, yes. Predictable, yes. Boring? Certainly. But it’s safe.

Do you feel your life has too much safety? Do you feel stuck on a merry-go-round? Is every day the same? There’s adventure to be had in  Kansas, but are you sure you want an adventure?


Adventure comes with trouble. It is part of the package. It didn’t take long before Dorothy was clenching her eyes and saying, “There is no place like home. There is no place like home.”


Are you sure you want an adventure? Are you ready to leave behind all that’s familiar? Not everyone is ready for a trip to OZ, though it’s not a hard place to find.


You’ve just got to be willing to ride a tornado.


Are you willing?  

If you answered  " No" stop here. If you answered yes, continue below.

Fear Of Crisis With Businessman Like An
Getting off the High Horse

 When the merry-go-round was a new thing, Americans thought that going around in circles was fun.


The novelty, however, soon wore off, and the business faded. Then, a clever merry-go-round operator hung a brass ring on a hook, just beyond the reach of his riders. Responding instinctively to the challenge, they began to lean off their horses each time they saw the brass ring come into view. Many of them fell on their head. The riders leaned and stretched and reached because it was instinctive to do, even though the best way to grab the ring would obviously have been to hop off the horse, walk over to the hook, and grab it.


Business is like that. Most business people never consider approaching a problem directly. They prefer to study how to become better at "learning." They want to bring about change without really changing.


Do you want to solve your problem? Get off your high horse and plant your feet on the ground. 

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